Michael Phelps and Herman


Adam Sandler (Meatball, Matzoball and Babu)
Sandler is so fond of his bulldogs, he posts photos and videos on his website.
Sandler and Meatball

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jacques

Jolie-Pitt kids Zahara, Shiloh and Maddox walking Jacques.

Gloria Estefan with Isaac, Biggie, Noelle (and chihuahua Lulu)

Ozzy Osbourne and Lola

Lola Osbourne has an accident on Ozzy's reality show.

Howard Stern and Bianca

Stern talking about how he consults with his bulldog in the bathroom.

Tribute to Stern's beloved Bianca.

David Beckham and Coco

Shia Labeouf and Brando

John Legend and Puddy

Fred Durst and Bizkit

Jessica Biel and East. I wonder if he approves of Justin Timberlake.

Pink was devastated when her beloved Elvis, a gift from Lisa Marie Presley, drowned in the swimming pool. She has memorialized Elvis with a tattoo on her arm.