•BCA: Bulldog Club of America

BCA's Illustrated Guide to the Bulldog Standard
The Bulldog Club of America, established in 1950 to maintain a standard of excellence among bulldog breeders, owners and judges, offers excellent resources on bulldog characteristics, health problems, breeders, organizations and events.

My introduction to the BCA was by chance, when a fellow English bulldog owner happened upon us as we were walking Roxy...English bullies are uncommon here in Hawaii, so we were enthused to find an experienced and caring owner with advice on caring for our new puppy. Although we had read extensively about the breed, it was wonderful to meet other owners with whom we could commiserate over our baby girl's vet bills, goofy antics and pugnacious demeanor!

In addition, given the recent closure of a Waimanalo puppy mill where 15 bulldogs (and others) were confiscated and fostered, belonging to reputable organizations like the BCA ensures that breeding standards are met.

Find your local BCA division here.

The BCA operates a rescue network that utilizes volunteers to provide foster care for homeless Bulldogs, place Bulldogs in new homes, and provide education and counseling for Bulldog owners and adopters. Applicants for adoption are carefully screened via telephone interviews, home visits, and contacts with veterinarians and landlords, when applicable. They require the applicant and all family members, including dogs currently in the home, to meet the rescued Bulldog before a placement is arranged. The objective is to match the rescued Bulldog with the most suitable adopter.

Visit www.rescuebulldogs.org to volunteer, adopt, donate or learn more about their wonderful work to find homes for abandoned bulldogs.