Doggy Dayz of Summer

Little Miss Roxy approves of her fellow canines finding creative ways to beat the heat...

Doggy Crafts: Puppy Origami

For all you doggie lovers, here's some easy print and fold origami...Of course, little Miss Roxy frowns on any craft activity requiring opposable thumbs, which every English bulldog knows are overrated...

Puppy Origami
If you're ready to print your Puppy Origami, Click Here.
Or print pattern:

1a. Print and cut out image along outer solid lines.
1b. Fold in half along diagonal line, as shown.

2a. Fold back along solid line as shown.
2b & c. Fold ears forward along diagonal lines. Your Puppy is pau (done)!

Print Black Puppy
Print Poi Puppy with Lei

Other pups to print and fold:
Puppy OrigamiPuppy Origami

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